We’ve been kiosk’ed!

Dear users and abusers, dear Elders of the Internet,

the Kiosk of Piracy is proud to announce the launch of “The Pirate Kiosk”! From last night own, a copy of the infamous Pirate Bay is available to the public, but – here comes the catch – offline-only. Yes, offline, the Kiosk is not connected to the Internet in any way, but the interested public is invited to use the service in a wifi-radius around it.


Press coverage La Biennale di Venezia

Following is a collection of press coverage of the Embassy of Piracy’s participation at the Venice Biennale 2009. The links are completely un-ordered and does not follow any particular chronological pattern.


Scan of Dazed and Confuzed article


Tillslag mot piratutställning på Venedigbiennalen []

Tillslag mot piratutställning []

Tillslag mot Pirate Bay-utställning []

Piratbåtar Stormar Venedig []

Vem har stulit av vem? []

Pirate Bay bortkörda av polis i Venedig []

Tillslag mot Pirate Bay-utställning []


Pirate Bay heads to Venice art Biennale []

Not seeing but drowning: my visit to the Venice Biennale


Pirate Bay apre a Venezia:

musica e video gratis a tutti []


Los piratas desembarcan en Venecia []

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10 Remixes

Some week ago we asked you to remix the song:

Pirates Of The Internet

Now 10 remixes has been created and more are on the way…

The Remixes Tracks:
#1 POTI - by Map
#2 POTI - by Ollibolli
#3 POTI - by Chris
#4 POTI - by Microphonix
#5 POTI - by Jukkus
#6 POTI - by Pyradeth
#7 POTI - by Spectraz
#8 POTI - by DJ Rupture
#9 POTI - by Legobeat
#10 POTI - by XRoot

Keep remixing, spread these songs and dance.

To Remix: The Remix files are here

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Piracy will live on 4 ever

WTF TPB RIP … Our struggle should never depend on supernodes or superheroes, we are the interwebs. A system that is more decentralized is needed. Piracy should change and new ways to share should be adopted. The Pirate Bay will come out strong on the other side of this transition. If not, this epic time will find new forms to multiply. Calm down, We are stronger than ever, Piracy will live on 4 ever.

join, sing

Sing: FRA took my ratio away

Anonymous, join

We are the network

We will not allow them to regulate us - we are the network.
Whether it is States which can not handle the free flow of information, or private companies that can not switch their business models to new technologies and stand in the way of people’s needs to communicate. Embassy of Piracy are here to defend the freedom of Internet.

Ambassador support the people of Iran.

diplomacy, piracy, war

Guardia di Finanza raided Embassy of Piracy at Venice Biennale

Sunday afternoon, the Guardia de finanzia raided SALE, one of the venues for “collateral projects” in the official program of the Venice Biennale, hosting amongst others the Embassy of Piracy. The first words uttered by the cops: “You cannot have The Pirate Bay here“.

Present in the space at the time, working with finalizing an installation, were several diplomats and artists from the Embassy: Carrie Roseland, Palle Torsson and Tobias Bernstrup. They were demanded to show their passports and their identities were registered by the Italian state, while the special police agents, wearing civil costumes, explored the paper pyramids, balloons, computers and textual material presented at the exhibition. None of the artworks have so far been confiscated and it is unclear what consequences the razzia will have for the exhibition.

Embassy of Piracy regards this action of the Berlusconi state as a severe trespassing of the diplomatic integrity of the internets, and calls for other diplomatic, artistic and political entities to express their positions. What makes the police intervention especially severe, is that it was obviously not directed against any specific actitivity which could be claimed to be unlawful, but against the very presence of a diplomatic representation of The Pirate Bay in Venice.

For for information, please call any of the four members of Embassy of Piracy who were present at the police raid:

Kristin Eketoft: +46 730293929 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +46 730293929      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Palle Torsson: +46 735035431

Tobias Bernstrup: +46 705715458


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*Immediate diplomatic crisis*

An emergency call arrived from Sweden. According to her secretacy, the Swedish cultural minister is not coming to the Venice Biennale as promised. Her services are apparently needed elsewhere. Sweden therefore stands without an official representation at the biennale. This creates a serious complication for a nation with artists present.

While our embassy is not representing Sweden, diplomatic situations can occur where the embassy of one entity must represent another entity. All according the protocol of plenipotentionary diplomacy.

We thus have to consult the “viki” for instructions on how to act in an emergency such as the present one.

The viki says, under the heading of “Ceremony”:

At ceremonial occasions where a certain representative, due to practical or political reasons, are unable to be present, an ambassador must always be accessible totake their place without hesitation.

The ambassador is expected to have mastered quotation-friendly sound-bites and the after-dinner address.

It is with great honour and firm determination that we take upon us this role of plenipotentionary diplomats taking the place of the usual Swedish representatives. Our first official representation in this new role is to attend the IASPIS release of the publication Voice Over at Taverna del remer tonight and deliver a message from the cultural minister.

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The Pirate Bay at Venice Biennial 2009

The Pirate Bay at Venice Biennial 2009.

3 June - 22 November 2009


Embassy of Piracy Workshops and Press meeting

S.A.L.E Dorsoduro 265,Venice. Boat Stop: Zattere or Salute


3 - 7 June 2009: Daily, 10:00 - 20:00

14 June - 22 November 2009: Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00 - 19:00

Embassy of Piracy

Prevailing institutional systems and structures have proven inadequate to the task of organizing and managing the openness of networked society. Now, via democratic systems, they are attacking the fundamental functions of the Internet, such as the free distribution of information.

With Embassy of Piracy, we want to re-imagine an institutional form and practice. We set out to create an institutional form that is responsive to the logic of social-technical networks and non-representational democratic processes.

We love the Internet and we share this love with a multitude of people around the world. With Embassy of Piracy, we want to make informal network connections stronger. By a set of simple copyable, reproducible and remixable acts of sharing we want to start to open the gates to these stories and experiences and build connections between them.

We want to build the largest, most widely and wildly spread embassy in the world. We started this with an open call for everyone to participate by building their own embassies in the shape of foldable, customized paper pyramid models that can be printed from the web site. The response has been pandemic.

Please Join us in Venice – Now – there will be 100:s of us.

Welcome to The Embassy of Piracy workshop

Join us in folding and modifications of Embassy of Piracy Pyramids. Bring your own t-shirt and other cloth so we can make them Embassy of Piracy style at the printing workshop. We will have balloons for the kids, music to be remixed and general swarming to make it the Venice Biennial of Piracy 2009.

The role of the ambassador.

As an embassy is a state in another state, the love and freedom of Internet is a state in all states of the world. On this freedom we want to build diplomatic network relations.

If you love the Internet you are an ambassador.

If you care, share, and help us imagine what this could be.



In collaboration with the Internet Pavilion