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Guardia di Finanza raided Embassy of Piracy at Venice Biennale

Sunday afternoon, the Guardia de finanzia raided SALE, one of the venues for “collateral projects” in the official program of the Venice Biennale, hosting amongst others the Embassy of Piracy. The first words uttered by the cops: “You cannot have The Pirate Bay here“.

Present in the space at the time, working with finalizing an installation, were several diplomats and artists from the Embassy: Carrie Roseland, Palle Torsson and Tobias Bernstrup. They were demanded to show their passports and their identities were registered by the Italian state, while the special police agents, wearing civil costumes, explored the paper pyramids, balloons, computers and textual material presented at the exhibition. None of the artworks have so far been confiscated and it is unclear what consequences the razzia will have for the exhibition.

Embassy of Piracy regards this action of the Berlusconi state as a severe trespassing of the diplomatic integrity of the internets, and calls for other diplomatic, artistic and political entities to express their positions. What makes the police intervention especially severe, is that it was obviously not directed against any specific actitivity which could be claimed to be unlawful, but against the very presence of a diplomatic representation of The Pirate Bay in Venice.

For for information, please call any of the four members of Embassy of Piracy who were present at the police raid:

Kristin Eketoft: +46 730293929 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +46 730293929      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Palle Torsson: +46 735035431

Tobias Bernstrup: +46 705715458


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