*Immediate diplomatic crisis*

An emergency call arrived from Sweden. According to her secretacy, the Swedish cultural minister is not coming to the Venice Biennale as promised. Her services are apparently needed elsewhere. Sweden therefore stands without an official representation at the biennale. This creates a serious complication for a nation with artists present.

While our embassy is not representing Sweden, diplomatic situations can occur where the embassy of one entity must represent another entity. All according the protocol of plenipotentionary diplomacy.

We thus have to consult the “viki” for instructions on how to act in an emergency such as the present one.

The viki says, under the heading of “Ceremony”:

At ceremonial occasions where a certain representative, due to practical or political reasons, are unable to be present, an ambassador must always be accessible totake their place without hesitation.

The ambassador is expected to have mastered quotation-friendly sound-bites and the after-dinner address.

It is with great honour and firm determination that we take upon us this role of plenipotentionary diplomats taking the place of the usual Swedish representatives. Our first official representation in this new role is to attend the IASPIS release of the publication Voice Over at Taverna del remer tonight and deliver a message from the cultural minister.

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