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Have your say to the italian left

Dear ambassadors

tonight, 18.30 CET, ambassadors Njo and Dr Rignell will attend a meeting with the italian left coalition Sinistra e Liberta in Casa Villetta, Garbatella, Rome.

As ambassadors it is their diplomatic duty to forward messages from their sovereigns, that is you. To have your say join the embassy chat room: #embassyofpiracy on by 18.30 CET

Today ambassadors to Rome will attend the day of the republic festivites by the Colosseum, keeping a careful eye on the internet implementation in the armed forces of Italy.

Please come tonight, either to La Villetta or to IRC. There will hopefully also be a bambuserfeed with live video =)

AFK-banners in solidarity with internet, Rome, Italy

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EOP Project page

Check out the project page. 6 new remixes and videos like this one and more.

Pirates of the Internet - Helium Dance


Minister of culture goes Pirate Exhibition

Our diplomacy is working. The Swedish minister of culture Lena  Adelsohn Liljeroth will visit our exhibition in Vencie. FTW Welcome.


Prix Ars Electronica to Piratbyrån

Today, the 2009 winners of Prix Ars Electronica was made public. In the “digital communities” category, an award of distinction goes to Piratbyrån. The award, including a prize money of 5000 euro, will be received in September at a ceremony within the Ars Electronica festival in Linz, Austria.

We are extremely honoured to receive this recognition from an institution like Ars Electronica. They represent an intersection between art and technology which still seems somewhat odd in a Swedish context, but where we have been working since our start in 2003. At the Venice Biennale, opening next week, Piratbyrån and The Pirate Bay will participate with the project Embassy of Piracy, which partly follows last sommer’s contribution to the Manifesta Biennale, S23M, and last winter’s theatricalization of the Pirate Bay Spectrial.

The money will be used to invest in server space for the future and for further greyzone interventions like Embassy of Piracy and also to renovate and re-paint our bus.


kopimi-tv.S03E03: the.curator


Thanks to S.a.L.E - We have physical space in Venice :)

As we are going to Venice we asked for a space to host our Art.

The physical venue will be S.a.L.E. (

As S.a.L.E. explains

“S.a.L.E. is a permanent laboratory of piracy in the lagoon, a self managed situation active since 2007 in the struggle against all kind of privatization and exploitation of knowledge and creativity.

An exploitation which is not only visible in the resistances that copyright operates against subjects such as Pirate Bay, but that becomes immediately visible in those cities where contemporary art and culture are becoming a strategic line of economic development. This is particularly evident in a place like Venice during the period of the Biennale, where even conflictive and creative energies are channelled into a process of sad institutionalization.

S.a.L.E. wants to be something else, avoiding any naivety, S.a.L.E. produces common knowledge through the re-appropriation of what intellectual property is still stealing to all of us.

It was just obvious for us to invite the Pirate Embassy. And it goes without saying: we will, of course, refuse any pressure coming for the Italian government asking to censure the Embassy.

Besides the Embassy, S.a.L.E. is hosting other two projects: The Internet Pavilion and The Ramallah Syndrome

Come join the pirates of the Lagoon at S.a.L.E.
June 3 to 8. Opening june 3 at 12.

Adress: Dorsoduro 265,Venice. Boat Stop: Zattere or Salute

The art we prefer is the art of subversion!“



The Embassy is pandemic

Fourteen days ago we announced our participation in Venice Biennale as part of the new Internet Pavilion. Our project The Embassy of Piracy is an open call for everyone to participate by building their own embassies in the shape of a foldable customized paper pyramid model that can be printed from the web site. On the web page people can upload photos of embassies in their own environments to the web gallery. After the opening of the EOP we have had an enormous response with about 1.000.000 visitors and over 300 hundred uploaded embassy photos from all corners of the world. We also have a theme song, an embassy tent project in Brazil, a German exhibition and our messages have been translated into more than 23 languages

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Current status of embassy of piracy deployment

The deployment of embassies around the world is happening at an amazing pace. We have done a brief datamining of the gallery, comments and other sources. Here’s the result:


Deployment of embassies of piracy as per 23rd May 2009

Deployment of embassies of piracy as per 23rd May 2009

Embassy coverage in Americas and Europe is good but could be better. Asia and Africa should have more. Do you know someone in e.g. Botswana, Mongolia or Kap Horn, please teach them to fold their own embassy. Or start an ISP.

Please continue datamining for embassies of piracy, create new ones and make the list longer in the comments.

UpDATED: More and more embassies are being built. EOP is proud to now have  ambassadors in Iran, Boston, fuckurope,  Lollipop and many more places.


Your - Anonymous Arrgh

Call for participation

We are looking for anyone how wants to build the Embassy of Piracy. Actions, acts, pranks, hacks, modifications, pirate radio, video, social mobs, texts, expressions, ideas or what ever you find - you do.

Kopimi EOP

Add your project here at the wiki or use the comment field.